Direct Recruitment

Direct Recruitment

Alfa Manpower offer one of the best recruitment services ever in the human resources industry, through sourcing and acquiring Indian workers, Bangladeshi workers, and Nepalese workers directly from ground level from the depths of the urban non-urban territory of India, Bangladesh and Nepal, and rehabilitate workers and upskilling or training workers then carry out the Direct Manpower recruitment from India, Direct Manpower recruitment from Bangladesh and Direct Manpower recruitment from Nepal to Saudi Arabia and GCC without intermediators

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إستقدام العمالة

شكرا لكم من أفضل من تعاملت معهم في إستقدام العمالة العمال على خلق وخبرة شاكر لاختياركم

ابوفهد القحطاني


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هل تريد ان تحصل على عمالة ماهرة وممتازة في أسرع وقت الان تواصل معنا ولا تتردد